cusomer service
Our nutritionists and team members analyze your individual needs and tailor a solution to improve results on your farm.
One Call Ordering
With just one call AgVenture can handle all your bag and bulk product needs and schedule quick delivery.
Delivering Value
AgVenture delivers consistent value by helping farmers ensure that yields, output and returns are being maximized.
AgVenture Special
AgVenture Special
$1.00 Off Selected Poultry Feed including Hubbard Life Homestead Duck and Goose Nutri-Source Layer Crumble Nutri-Source Grower Medicated Broiler Starter Medicate Pheasant Starter Medicated
Thank you from Sandy Hansen-Woff
Thank you from Sandy Hansen-Woff
 Words are inadequate to describe the level of gratitude and respect I have for all of our customers. It is a true privilege to serve each farm with whom we work whether that be a pet food customer, hobby farm or large dairy or beef operation. We strive to ensure that you reach success in every level of our business and are passionate about you, our customers, both on a personal and professional level. It’s a true joy to be a part of your operation. Our most important goal is you and your success. Thank you for allowing us to serve you and work in a career that is close to our heart.