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Free Farm Tours now being provided by AgVenture and AgVenture Farmers We at AgVenture are proud of today's farmers and appreciate everything they do to help feed the world and supply the necessary feed to raise the animals and grow the crops that lead to our food abundance here in the United States.

Most people outside of the food-supply chain industries have never seen how their food is grown and their only exposure to a farm is the state fair. We have worked with some of our local farmers to try and educate anyone who would like to visit the farm to see how much technology, safety and cleanliness is needed to operate a farm today. Some of our customers and our tours include:

Dairy farm tour: Have you ever seen a cow milked? How many times a day does a cow need to be milked? How much milk does a single cow produce in a day? Year? Does a dairy cow eat the same food as a "meat" cow? What is organic milk?

Cow/calf farm: What is a cow calf farm? Where do our "meat cows" come from? How big do they get? How much do they eat?

Corn & Soy bean farm: Have you ever seen how big a combine is? How many acres of corn or soy beans can you harvest in an hour? How tall does corn get? What is soy beans used for? How much of the corn grown in Minnesota will travel overseas?

Mixed use farm: See what is like to raise crops, livestock and hobby horses all in one place. If you or your group (school, church, group of friends) are interested please contact AgVenture Feed & Seed for more information. Click here to e-mail

If you are a local farmer and are interested in providing tours please contact us - we are looking for a few more.

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