7 Tips For A Safe Harvest

To ensure a safe harvest this fall, it is important to focus a great deal of attention to the safety and precautions involved with operating machinery, hazardous weather and dust, and field hazards. Every year at harvest many farmers risk losing their fingers, hands, or arms to harvesting equipment. Many of these accidents could be prevented if farmers took the opportunity to learn more about the equipment safety. To keep our farmers safer this year we have put together a list of the top 7 safety precautions:


  1. TURN IT OFF! Anytime you are getting out of the tractor or not using the equipment it is important that you are turning it completely off.

  1. Never allow for extra riders in the tractor or equipment. The number of seats determines the number of riders safe to ride. Ex: One seat means one rider.

  1. Teach all workers how to properly use the equipment and enforce the safety rules. 

  1. All powered equipment should have a working, up-to-date fire extinguisher. All workers should be fully informed on how to use it as well. 

  1. Be sure to know how the weather conditions are affecting your crops before you go out. Cold weather is known to clog the feeding mechanisms and warm weather – which creates dry crops – can cause fires. 

  1. Make sure all shields and guards are in place and secure before starting to harvest. It is important that any parts that are broken or chipped get fixed immediately.

  1. Be sure to have the clean air filters in place when harvesting. The dust from the harvest can be very dangerous to breathe. It is also a smart idea to take a break and get some fresh air!

Besides keeping these tips in mind during harvest season, be sure that all your workers are fully informed on the precaution when dealing with harvesting equipment. From all of us at AgVenture, have a happy and plentiful harvesting season! 

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