A Farmers Life Is Our Life.

You work from sun up to sun down caring for your herd and your crops. It isn’t a job, it’s a way of life. We know you work hard.  We help make your hard work produce optimum results, so that you can produce more, earn more, enjoy life more, and take better care of your farm and family better.

AgVenture Is A WBENC Certified & TG/ED Certified Business

AgVenture is proud to partner with various suppliers and vendors to provide feed, seed and supplies to local, state and national government projects in addition to working with private entities on partnerships and contracting opportunities.


AgVenture Is Your Hometown Feed And Seed Company

AgVenture is a trusted source for agribusiness support, animal management and farm supplies. We have experience in all facets of farming and our service, and well as our team of employees and management, is outstanding. Our expert team, including a multitude of animal nutritionists, manage projects, customer needs and goals from start to finish. We offer personalized, ongoing customer service and support above and beyond expectations and industry standards.

Helping Farmers Increase Efficiency, Production And Profit

We work closely with our customers to understand their unique needs and customize and source solutions to match. We take customers from the feeding and production concept to goal setting and implementation. This attention to detail and service results in saving farmers time and money while allowing them to increase efficiency, production and profit as well as herd health and other factors related to successful farming practices.

“More bushels, more production means
more opportunities for your farm and your family.”

Outstanding Feed, Seed, And Service

For over 30 years, AgVenture has been supplying dairy and beef farmers, crop farmers, hobby farmers, and pet owners an outstanding selection of the best bagged and bulk feed and seed available in the industry. We have small town roots with a level of professionalism that matches any regional or national presence.

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"The thing I love most about AgVenture is that they have an exceptional appreciation for their customers, where they are so willing to got hat extra mile to give more than the customer expects."

-Shelly Olson

AgVenture is a WBENC Certified & TG/ED Certified Business