AgVenture Culture

AgVenture Culture

At AgVenture, we focus on providing exceptional value and service to our customers. We set our goals to deliver a superior service to assist our customers in realizing improvements in all areas of their farming enterprise. We believe in doing the right thing and maintaining high moral standards even if it may compromise our short-term profitability. We are willing to be sufficiently creative and flexible and, at the core, always operate under a high moral, ethical and legal standard.

The Core Values That Drive Us:

Integrity/Professionalism – We believe in the absoluteness of integrity and conduct all our internal and external relationships with honesty. We build trust by following the principle of always doing the right thing. We strive to maintain professionalism at high levels and in all areas of business practices. We are committed to maintaining a humble attitude both personally and professionally.

Relationships – We invest in relationships with clients, employees and partners with a long-term perspective and believe our success lies in their success. We believe in on-going and open communication to maintain a professional and comfortable working environment. We realize the value of team approaches and are committed to working together to create enhanced results for our customers as well as our own business ventures.

Customer Service – We believe in service exceeding all customer expectations. We are determined to be the premiere providers of customer service and to be known for high levels of service both internally and on the farm.

Community – We are committed to giving back to our local community and support our customer’s activities and interests. AgVenture is devoted to ensuring that community programs and special needs of customers, local groups and local community members are met through in-kind donations, time and/or service at special events. We are dedicated to doing our part to take care of those who support AgVenture.

Future/Growth – We invest in knowledge, technology and our employees to bring leading edge innovations and ideas to customers. We provide on-going opportunities for growth and educational learning as well as training tailored to individual employee requests.

Family – We honor the family unit of each employee and outside team member and accommodate commitments and family time. We provide flexible scheduling as available to allow employees to participate in important events of family members.

Positive Team/Passionate & Determined Vision – We respect the stresses of business and various situations and strive to maintain a friendly and positive environment for employees, outside support team members as well as our customers and community. We keep our passion for our work and customers at the fore-front of all decisions as well as our determination to realize greater successes on an on-going basis.

Embrace and Drive Change – We are committed to maintaining and open-minded environment to adapt to change as a necessity to long-term business success.

Creative, Adventurous and Fun – We realize the value of incorporating fun and creativity into daily business. We thrive on being adventurous and light-hearted in all areas of the business.

Efficiencies – We are committed to developing increased efficiencies in all business practices including ensuring that all staff are performing work in their key areas. We believe in doing more with less to provide resources for business development and growth.