“The thing that I love most about AgVenture is that they have an exceptional appreciation for their customers, where they are so willing to go that extra mile to give more than the customer expects.”
– Shelly Olson

“You can count on them for whatever you like to get for feed – dogs, cats, horses, goats – and it’s good, quality, fresh feed, and they will be my feed source until I don’t have animals anymore.”
– Mary Loch, stable owner

“I’ve really thought that it really takes my stress level down, when I make a phone call, I know my feed’s gonna be there.”
– Scott Brown, manager of Whispering Pine Farm

“They’re out at the county fairs, supporting the kids in person, and also sending them special letters in the mail and that type of thing.”
– Sarah Kuechle

“We’ve been working with Sandy and her crew at AgVenture for quite a few years here, and the part we like… we’re a very good nutritional company and they’re a very good logistics company and keep a real handle on what the customers need and they’re real customer focused.”
– Steve Lanoue, sales manager at Hubbard Feeds