Agriculture At the Minnesota State Fair

It's that time of year again; The Minnesota State Fair is opening its gates! An important change in the State Fair over the years has been the attractions offered to all the visitors. The character of early fairs was mostly agricultural exhibits and competitions, reflecting its original purpose of farming in Minnesota. Today, you will find much more at the Great Minnesota Get-Together. 


Keeping with traditions old and new, the 2016 State Fair has it all. If you're looking to teach a little agriculture to your kids, take a trip to the fair. Put their brain to work with hands-on activities and shows. During the 12 days of the fair, there will be tons of opportunities for all ages to learn about life on the farm. Here is a list of some events offered at this year's Minnesota State Fair:

Moo, Baa & Oink Booths

This is a great exhibit to show the farm-to-table experience. Here, you will meet a cow-calf pair, see machine milking up close and even get to hand-milk a cow. Going off the theme of the Moo Booth, the Oink Booth will feature the workings of a pig farm and the special care it takes. An added bonus of this booth is that visitors will get to see a sow and piglets up close!

Aisle of Breeds and EquiMania

These are two great exhibits for the horse enthusiast, showcasing the wide variety of breeds and types of horses. Covering topics like nutrition, behavior, careers, welfare, anatomy and much more, the Aisle of Breeds and EquiMania are perfect attractions for horse-lovers. Be sure to stop by and get all your questions answered by the horse owners themselves.

CHS Miracle of Birth Center

The birth of an animal is an amazing, one-of-a-kind experience for all ages. This exhibit features the birth of nearly 200 calves, lambs, goats and piglets during the 12 days of the fair. Showing the quality of life to all ages since 2001, this free exhibit is always a must-see.

Hen House

This new exhibit brings with it a great experience about modern poultry housing designs. It also shows how farmers are using different egg production systems to produce a safer food for consumption. Anyone who enjoys good breakfast foods will find this exhibit interesting. 

Little Farm Hands

Here is the chance for your little ones to know what it’s like to work on a farm. This exhibit has miniature barns, grain bins, and even a tractor yard. Little farm hands will help with chores like planting crops and tending to animals. With a new edition this year, the little farm hands will learn about pollution, honey bees, soil erosions, and many more other issues that affect our agriculture and environment.

The Dirt

The name says it all; this exhibit focuses on a farmer’s main asset—the land. Discuss agricultural disease, growing crops, keeping honey bees, gardening, urban gardening and much more. Don’t miss out on the amazing speakers at this 12-day exhibit.  

Take a look at the Minnesota State Fair’s website for more details about these educational events and any new additions. Check out the See the Animals tab on the Minnesota State Fair website to know where and when animals will be on the fairgrounds throughout the 12 days of the fair. 

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