AgVenture Feed Line

AgVenture is proud to announce their new feed line!  The AgVenture line of feed is milled locally, using locally sourced ingredients helping to support the local economy and reduce freight charges/overhead costs. Formulated to provide efficient gains and production of livestock without sacrificing quality of product.These products are available in bags or bulk.  Check out more information on our new products! 

AgVenture 36% Dairy/Beef Grower Concentrate Pellets

This products is formulated for growing dairy and beef calves from 200-300 pounds up to 500-600. The corn and pellet program meets all of the nutritional requirements for growing animals.This is a product that should interest all producers raising cattle for market. This is a simple and stress-free feeding program that is easily manageable for any operation. 

AgVenture 36% Dairy/Beef Finisher Concentrate Pellets

This product is formulated for finishing cattle ready for market. This product is ready for cattle 500-700 pounds. This corn and pellet program eliminates the need to feed roughage, reducing labor, and increasing te animals rate of gain. Eliminating roughage from the ration reduces the number of variables that can cause errors or profit loss. 

AgVenture 35% Lamb Grower/Finisher Concentrate

This product can be fed to 45 day old lambs on up to market weight. This is a concentrated pellet to be mixed with corn and oats to make a complete feed ration and is medicated to prevent coccidiosis. 

AgVenture 20% Textured Sweet Calf Starter

This starter is formulated for young calves that are a few days old up to 200 pounds. Available in a summer and winter mix, this product can meet fat content needs during all seasons. It is also medicated to prevent coccidiosis. 

AgVenture 20% Lamb Creep Ration 

This ration can be given to young lambs from birth to 45 days old. This product is a palatable feed to get young lambs off to a good start. It is medicated to prevent coccidiosis. 

AgVenture 18% All Flock 

This product is formulated for growing egg layer chickens until 1 year of age, broiler chickens, turkeys, ducks, and pheasants. This product is perfect for backyard flocks,hobby farms, or small farms as it is very versatile. This product is pelleted to eliminate waste.  

AgVenture 16% Goat Feed

This feed is suitable for goats of all ages. It can be fed to kids as a starter creep feed or fed to growing and adult goats along with good foraces. This product can also be fed to lactating dairy goats as a grain ration to complement other forages. This is a great feed for all operations!  

AgVenture 16% Egg Layer

This product is formulated for grown egg layer chickens over one year of age. This can be fed as a complete feed for any of the popular chicken breeds that are over 1 year of age. This product is also pelleted to eliminate waste. 

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