Dairy Nutritional Services

Dairy Nutritional Services

An important part of AgVenture is our dairy nutritional services. We have experience in all facets of dairy farming. If you’re looking to expand your operation, switch to robotic milking, evaluate your feed lots or simply need to ensure your operation is maximizing returns, our professional staff and nutritionists work one-on-one with each farm according to their desires and needs.

dairy nutritionAgVenture has a full-time team of animal nutritionists to help make your hard work produce optimum results. Our experts analyze your dairy operation to pin-point areas where you may be losing production. A customized feeding program is designed to provide the nutrient needs for your dairy herd while minimizing feed costs.

Key Factors Reviewed

When reviewing your feed program, cost-effectiveness is always a priority. We uncover ways to reduce costs while maintaining or increasing milk production. Here are some of the factors that are considered:

  • Maximize forage usage – High quality forage is the cheapest source of nutrients for milk cows and heifers
  • Analysis of silage and hay -Testing for proper nutrient balance
  • Review of grain mixture – Are you feeding the proper amount and mixture of grain based on your forages?
  • Evaluate cost-to-benefit ratio – Are feed additives such as yeast, organic trace minerals, etc. worth the additional investment?

Feed For Every Stage

By customizing your feeding program to meet the rations needed for each stage of your dairy herd – calves and heifers, dry and transition cows, and lactating cows – AgVenture keeps your herd nutritionally balanced, resulting in higher productivity from your dairy operation.

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"I've really thought that it really takes my stress level down, when I make a phone call,  I know my feed's gonna be there."

-Scott Brown, Manager of Whispering Pine Farm

AgVenture is a WBENC Certified & TG/ED Certified Business