Harvest Season Safety Tips



When harvest season arrives again in Minnesota, hours upon hours of work will be spent in fields across the state. Farmers range from young to old, new to experienced, so it’s always a good idea to focuses on encouraging awareness of safe farm practices. Follow these tips for a healthy and safe harvest this year.


Child Safety

Farms in Minnesota are mainly run by families, so children are typically doing their part to help the family business. Education is very important, so talk with children about safety before harvest starts.

  • Supervise children at all times while farm equipment is running in the area. Make sure farm equipment operators are also keeping a watchful eye out for children, because they aren’t always looking out for you

  • It’s important to give children age-appropriate tasks when including them in farm chores

  • Keeping equipment cleaned and in its proper place around the farm is important; this reduces the unnecessary hazards and prevents issues when children are outside

Farm Equipment Safety

Farm equipment is very powerful and also extremely dangerous. Farming accidents claim around 1,300 lives and cause 120,000 injuries a year in the United States. Sadly, many of them are also preventable. Follow some of these equipment tips to keep the farm safe this harvest:

  • Keep children away from farming equipment unless an experienced operator is present

  • Clean and inspect all farming equipment regularly

  • Remember to always stop the engine and wait for all moving parts to stop, before servicing, adjusting, cleaning, or unclogging equipment

  • Hitch loads to the drawbar only. When using three-point rear hitches, add front end weights to maintain stability and control steering

Road Safety

During harvest season, road safety is a concern for everyone including rural drivers, passing farm machinery and the farm equipment operators themselves. Here are some tips to keep in mind to keep everyone safe:

  • Farm equipment typically drives around 25 MPH or less, so be prepared to take your time. Being in a rush creates unnecessary risk for yourself and other drivers

  • Keep a safe distance from other drivers. Not everyone realizes how difficult it is to maneuver, slow down, or stop in a large piece of farming equipment

  • Farm equipment requires wide turns. Be sure to use your blinkers or clear hand signals for turns and give surrounding drivers plenty of warning beforehand 

  • Before you travel, make sure all lights and flashers are properly working and use them at all times while driving on any roadway

  • Use SMV’s or slow-moving vehicle emblems if farm equipment is traveling less than 30 MPH

The AgVenture Team wants to wish you all a safe and successful harvest this year. When it comes time to set up next year’s cropping plan, contact Agventure for all your needs.


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