Have you considered Hydro-Lac?

Hydro-Lac is a great supplement that you can add to your cattle for periods of high stress. It is a common addition to any feed ration during the warm months to ensure that ruminants are staying hydrated.  Not only can Hydro-Lac be used during heat stress, it can also be used for marketing beef cattle, high production in lactating dairy cattle, health challenges, transporting, or preparing ruminants for the show ring. Hydro-Lac’s unique formula of sugars, electrolytes, and essential nutrients aid performance and profitability.

A common use for Hydro-Lac is for pre-shipping management of beef or dairy steers. Adding one pound per head daily two days before shipping can increase your profitability margin by increasing  pounds sold by an additional 6-10lbs carcass weight and 10-15lbs live weight. Additionally, Hydro-Lac can reduce shrink loss from 10%-3% in beef cattle. Research has proven that Hydro-Lac can improve meat quality 8-11%.  This product can help with the preservation of marbling and maintenance of quality grade, and enhance the opportunity for grid premiums. Hydro-Lac is also proven to preserve muscle glycogen, which reduces the risk of dark cutters. Dark cutting beef is firm, dry, tough, poor quality, darker, off flavor, has a shorter storage life, and is not good for your bottom line.  In addition to meat quality, Hydro-Lac can also shorten the duration of winter dysentery is cattle. When the onset symptoms of dysentery occur, using Hydro-Lac can help to shorten the duration.

Overall, Hydro-Lac is a great product to use throughout the year. This product minimizes dry matter intake losses resulting in more profitability and rate of gain. Using this product can bring back consistent return on investment of 4:1. Not only would you as a producer love it, but the cattle love it too! Hydro-Lac’s unique formula is very palatable and will improve overall feed intake.

With all the benefits of Hydro-Lac listed, it’s hard not to love. If you are interested in using Hydro-Lac in your rations, talk to one of our nutritionists today. Give us a call at (320) 764-9910!

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