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Discover how your horse feeding program can improve the health of your horses by having AgVenture conduct a nutritional analysis. See what a difference our team of professionals can make in your operation.

horse feedProper Nutrition Is Key To Healthy Horses

Horses are unique from most other farm animals in that they only have one stomach, and it is relatively small. Therefore horses prefer to eat small amounts of food throughout the day. Horses are also very susceptible to colic, which is their leading cause of death. To maintain optimum health, horses require clean, high-quality feed that does not change much from day to day. AgVenture’s animal nutritionists will do an on-farm analysis of your feeding program, one-on-one with you, to put together a balanced feeding program that works to ensure optimal health.

Products To Fit Your Needs


  • Impact 12% Sweet

  • Country Acres 12% Sweet

  • Strategy Healthy Edge

  • Equine Senior

  • Omelene 200

  • Omelene 300

  • Strategy

  • Enrich Plus

  • Free Balance 12:12

  • Hubbard Front Runner Senior


  • Hydration Pellets

  • Equine Bluelite

  • Equine Restart

  • Equine Hoof Tend’R

  • Wood Shavings

  • Wood Pellets

  • Vet Wrap


  • Alfalfa Cubes

  • Dobbins Delights/Apple & Oat

AgVentures Nutritional Experts And Professional Staff Will:

  • Analyze your specific horse feeding options
  • Provide feed recommendations to ensure balanced nutrition
  • Look at key nutritional factors such as:
    • Water – an important part of digestion
    • Energy Nutrients & Protein – critical for building muscles
    • Vitamins & Minerals – required for skeleton, nerve and muscle health

Building Trust Through Integrity

We believe in the absoluteness of integrity and conduct all our internal and external relationships with honesty. AgVenture’s staff strives to earn your trust by always doing the right thing.

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"I've really thought that it really takes my stress level down, when I make a phone call,  I know my feed's gonna be there."

-Scott Brown, Manager of Whispering Pine Farm

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