AgVenture Provides Healthy, Economical, And Nutritious Feeds For Your Poultry

Providing your poultry with good nutritious feed from AgVenture will ensure that your bird is best able to stay healthy and provide high quality eggs and healthy meat. We develop precisely balanced feeds specific to your flock needs.We are committed to developing increased efficiencies in all poultry feeding practices including ensuring that all staff are educated on best practices. We believe in doing more with less to provide resources to ensure your success. For maximum production and good health, poultry need a consistent supply of energy, protein, essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and water. AgVenture’s team of nutritionists formulate cost-effective feed options based on recent advances in poultry nutrition.

poultry feedProducts To Fit Your Needs


  • Nutri-Source Chick Starter/Grower
  • Nutri-Source 16% Layer
  • Broiler Layer
  • All Purpose Poultry
  • Hubbard Chicken-Egg
  • #2 Grit
  • Oyster Shells
  • Poultry Vitamins and Electrolytes
  • Game Bird Starter 28%
  • Game Bird Grower 20%
  • Hubbard Life Duck & Goose
  • Layena Pelleted Layer

Organic Poultry

  • Starter
  • 16% Layer
  • 16% Grower

What Your Bird Needs

There are eight things your poultry need nutritionally to be happy and healthy:

  1. Protein – essential for strong muscles and good growth
  2. Grains – provides B-vitamins, phosphorus, and proteins
  3. Greens – essential for poultry well being and egg production
  4. Grit – small rocks and pebbles that birds will swallow to help digest food.
  5. Calcium – adequate calcium prevents soft shells
  6. Vitamin A and Vitamin D – essential for good flock health
  7. Salt – prevents dehydration
  8. WATER WATER WATER – make sure water is easily accessible without the bird having to think

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Make sure your flock is healthy with top quality feed from AgVenture. Contact us now to learn how you get an analysis of your poultry feed program.

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AgVenture is a WBENC Certified & TG/ED Certified Business