(300/1300) PL 20-20 Con. AM DX DBZ & Stealth 5

(300/1300) PL 20-20 Con. AM DX DBZ & Stealth 5

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Prime Life Milk Replacer

Prime Life™ milk replacers are carefully balanced to supply the essential energy, protein, and other nutrition needed by calves for a healthier start and optimum growth. Prime Life milk replacers utilized top quality, all-milk ingredients to achieve the highest digestibility and consistency for maximum performance.

The milk replacers are fortified with essential vitamins, bioavailable minerals, and Stealth 5® for improved calf health. Prime Life milk replacers are manufactured to provide a consistent product using only high quality ingredients with excellent mixability, and low ash. All of the Prime Life milk replacer formulas are made using only all-milk protein sources.  They are formulated to provide only the best nutrition to meet the high expectations that today’s farmers have for calf health and performance.

Prime Life 20-20 Conventional Milk Replacer

Prime Life 20-20 Conventional Milk Replacer with Stealth 5® is designed to be fed to young calves. This product provides all-milk proteins, fat, minerals, selenium yeast, natural glucosamine, mannans (MOS), and vitamins for optimum health and complete nutrition to meet the nutritional needs of young calves.

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