Hydro-Lac Hydration Pellets

Hydro-Lac Hydration Pellets

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Hydro-Lac is a palatable source of blended electrolytes, multiple energy sources, minerals, vitamins, and osmolytes. From this patented technology, Hydro-Lac provides the necessary nutrients to recover from the effects of heat stress, such as dehydration, and help restore animal health for better all-around productivity.

What makes Hydro-Lac the Proven Cattle Hydration Product?

  • Improves dry matter intake
  • Transition cows respond to meet their peak potential
  • Encourages water intake
  • Replenishes electrolyte balance
  • Reduces production losses
  • Enhances production efficiencies
  • DCAD neutral for dry cows
  • Re-establishes positive energy balance
  • Rehydrates during heat and cold stress
  • Thermo-neutral reproductive effects

hydro-lac pellets

Hydro-Lac and Dairy Cattle

Using Hydro-Lac can improve cow performance by helping reduce milk loss due to heat stress, promote more rapid production response post-calving, and encourage feed and water intake to overcome health challenges.

Field results have shown that cows fed Hydro-Lac maintain and drink more water and have positive responses in milk production.

Hydro-Lac and Beef Cattle

Hydro-Lac is specially formulated to provide essential nutrients, electrolytes and sugars necessary to maintain body fluid balance during times of shipping, heat stress, marketing, and livestock shows.

Research has shown that feeding Hydro-Lac prior to shipping cattle to harvest preserves live weight and meat quality. It reduces the negative effects of dehydration and shipping stress common during transportation.

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