Starting A Successful Hobby Farm

Profit or Hobby

Most people that start a hobby farm do it for fun. But it is possible to make some money along the way. If you are looking to make a profit remember to keep track of your expenses each month and write down any items you sold. If you want to make a profit it is crucial that you do not overwhelm yourself.

Start Small

Jumping into hobby farming too quickly can be stressful and take away the fun. To avoid being stressed, focus on raising 1 to 3 types of animals to start.  Pick animals that you think you will enjoy the most. After all, hobby farms are meant to be enjoyable. The most common animal choices among hobby farmers are chickens, pigs, goats and horses. Sometimes your favorite animal may require more work than you can currently handle. Before you pick your animals do research on pens, housing and the feed they require. Make sure you have the proper housing and feed before your animals arrive. Picking 2 to 5 different types of fruits and vegetable is recommended for beginners. Do some research on which fruits and vegetables grow best in your area before you start planting.

Join a Farmers Market

Farmers Markets are great to get some local livestock. This is also a great place to make friends and get advice from experienced farmers. Once you have product of your own you can get a booth at a farmers market. Getting a booth at a farmers market not only gives you the chance to get your product out to the public, it is a great way get involved in the farming community.

Things To Keep in Mind

You will need to do proper maintenance on fencing and housing, to keep your animals from escaping. Having fresh water and proper feed at all times is extremely important to your animals health. Also, keeping up with veterinary care is crucial. Keep in mind that you will have to adjust to different weather conditions. Finally, remember why you started your hobby farm in the first place, for enjoyment!

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