5 Tips on Caring for Chicks

Spring has come again. Many area farmers already have their spring chicks. Read our latest blog for some helpful tips on raising healthy chicks.


5 Things to Consider When Buying Dog Food

 Everyday dog parents are faced with a variety of choices to keep your pet safe, healthy, and strong. The most important decision you will face when it comes to your dog is deciding which kind of food is best for their needs. 


Gardening in the Winter

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that gardening season is over. It is actually fairly simple to grow vegetables and have flowers blooming all year long. Although it may seem impossible, some flowers and vegetables actually grow better in the cold weather.


DIY Gift Ideas for your Furry Friend

Pets are a big part of the family and deserve to be spoiled like the rest of us. Don’t leave your pet digging through the leftover wrapping paper from your holiday gifts just hoping that there is a present left for them. 


7 Tips For A Safe Harvest

To ensure a safe harvest this fall, it is important to focus a great deal of attention to the safety and precautions involved with operating machinery, hazardous weather and dust, and field hazards. 


Life Lessons from Showing Cattle

Generations of former 4-H and FFA members will tell you about the many life lessons learned from participating when you are young. Children and teens benefit greatly from many different activities that are available to them through school and extracurricular groups. One such life-lesson building activity is showing cattle.


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