Take Control of Flies

Now that most of the snow has melted and the temperatures are rising, warm weather and summer will be here before you know it. I can only speak for myself when I say that some of my least favorite things to deal with during the warmer months are flies. According to the University of Nebraska, the economic impact of flies in the United States is greater than one billion dollars per year. Flies can bring on several issues including irritation, blood loss, decreased grazing efficiency, reduced weight gains, and lower milk production for lactating cows. Additionally, flies can play a role in the spread of summer mastitis.

Different ways to treat flies can include some of the following…

  • Backrubbers and dust bags

  • Animal Sprays, oilers and pour on products

  • Insecticide tags and strips

  • Oral larvicides

With fly season quickly approaching, a good way to start a fly preventative program on your farm would include sanitizing, cleaning up wasted feed, and cleaning out old manure near your cattle. These are the grounds for fly breeding and development.

At AgVenture, we have several options for you to take control of flies on your farm. The first is a lick tub which has added mineral in it, so it is ideal for cows or horses on pasture.  We also have larvicide premixes available to add to your feed supplements to prevent the development of horn flies, face flies, house flies and stable flies in the manure of treated cattle, house flies in thein the manure of treated swine and stable flies and the manure of treated horses.

Additionally, we also carry a multitude of sprays and pour on products that can be used for any type of cattle.

If you have any questions about the products we carry, please reach out to a nutritionist or a member of our staff. We strive to make sure that you and your animals are taken care of in the best way possible.

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