The Gift of One More Day

Happy Holidays from everyone at AgVenture.  For some, this past year has been a wonderful year of happy memories, successes and good living. For others, the year was filled with trials, losses and hardship – sometimes in unbearable ways. The gift of one more day is a reminder that, as long as we are given breath to live, all we are called to do is get through one day at a time. 

This past year in agriculture has been one of challenging markets. Although we are not unfamiliar with low milk prices and commodity markets, we still feel a certain amount of angst as we try to navigate our way through these downturns. I recall someone asking me when the economy starting crashing several years ago if I was scared for my business. I quickly responded that, when you’ve been through great personal tragedy, the potential downturns in our professional lives are pale in comparison to what hard times could be. Besides, farmers are a resilient bunch who just keep pressing on since we are used to market fluctuations. 

I’ve often heard people comment when going through uncertain times that “I just wonder why I do this as a career”. No doubt, in periods of extreme stress and trial, we’ve all thought this and perhaps said this comment out loud – myself included. The reason we keep going is because we love what we do, we are invested more than just financially and it is our passion. For me, the reasons are all of these and much more. AgVenture is more than “just business”. I doubt that something can be “just business” when we have the privilege of working with awesome customers and amazing employees who are like family. This part of our work is truly one of the greatest gifts of all. 

We want to extend our gratitude for you – our customers and our friends who turn our efforts into invaluable worth.  We believe in all you do, we fully support your hard work and are dedicated to your success.  Thank you for being a part of our days and for supporting our passion to bring success to you, our customers, who make our work so fulfilling.  We are thankful for the opportunity to be a part of your passion and hopeful futures.  

As we celebrate the season of Christmas and the New Year, we honor those we are suffering the loss of loved ones or are going through trials. We all know that the holidays can be the toughest times of all. I encourage you to contemplate the gift of one more day that you have been given in your own lives. Our wish for you this holiday season is to know the true value of each day and of all the wonderful people in your lives.  Thank you for being those people to me and to all of us at AgVenture!  

-Sandy Hansen-Wolff & Everyone at AgVenture

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