Top Considerations When Choosing Your Feed Supplier

At AgVenture, we focus on providing exceptional value in farm management practices and service to our customers. We are often asked why a customer should choose to work with AgVenture instead of another feed supplier. The answer is multi-layered with many considerations to keep in mind. Let’s take a look at the key considerations in selecting this important team player for your farm.

  1. Are you receiving the service you require and deserve for your farm’s success?

At AgVenture, we our role as a team player in all areas of farm management, We set our goals to deliver a superior service to assist our customers in realizing improvements in all areas of their farming enterprise. However, not all companies have the same goal. Many customers tell us that they rarely have any representative or nutritionist on their farm. This lack of presence can lead to many gaps in nutrition for your animals, poor performance, herd health challenges as well as many other underlying factors. A constant and present support is essential to optimal financial and farm success.

  1. Are you being told the complete truth? 

Sadly, we have performed many farm audits where we discover that the nutritional supplements farmers were told they were receiving lack the necessary components for herd health. Often, the feed is sold at a low cost – only to the demise of herd health in the forms of lower milk production, breeding issues, hoof challenges and sick livestock. In some cases, we come onto farms where the former supplier told the farm owner they were feeding one feeding rate to actually finding out the automatic feeders were set to feed more than they were supposed to.  This mistruth costed the farm hundreds of dollars more per day to feed their herd and, even more, the farm had placed their complete trust that their supplier had the best interests of the farm in mind. At AgVenture, we have a strong company value to operate with integrity and to the best interest of the farm’s success – in every situation.

  1. Are you, your farm and the farm’s success at the top of the priority structure?

Your animals and the success of your farm should be the number one priority for your feed supplier. Some companies push products for the sake of more sales and more money. Optimal health and results while keeping your financial success in mind is our first priority.  At AgVenture, we represent multiple brands and are focused on matching the right products and services to your farm. We discuss multiple products with you to find the one that will work best. We are only successful if our farms are successful. Working together to reach higher goals in production and profitability is our passion.

  1. Are your animals receiving the proper nutrition?

There is a fine balancing act that is at play on every successful farm operation. AgVenture understands that efficiencies in operation and keeping costs low are always a top goal. However, too many farms are sold on buying feed at a lower cost with the promise that their animals are receiving all of the nutritional components needed for peak performance. We all understand that every feed supplier needs to remain competitive in the market. At AgVenture, we understand the markets and where pricing needs to be. We perform direct comparisons of competitive companies as a service offering and will give you an honest assessment of the nutritional differences. Many Farm owners are promised that they are buying an “apples-to-apples” feed program. They then realize they are being sold cheaper feed due to key missing ingredients which places the welfare and health of their herd at risk for disease, poor performance and, in many cases, higher death loss.

  1. Do you have more than one set of eyes watching your farm?

AgVenture has always believed that a farm needs a team of support – not just one outside support person overseeing your farm operations. Too many times, that one person model of service causes gaps. Consistent presence on your farm is necessary to ensure changes in forages are managed correctly, herd health issues are caught at the onset or prevented altogether, nutrition changes are made in a timely manner and the entire farm operation is managed to optimal levels. One little glitch can cause a farm to go from profitable to break even or, worse yet, an unprofitable operating budget. The team approach is a key ingredient – don’t settle for less.

Below are some of the on-farm services we are currently providing to farms and would love to partner with you on your farm;

  • Scheduled walk-throughs of your facility in which we monitor the following areas;

    • Overall farm status

    • Animal health

    • Equipment concerns

    • Employee practices

    • Stress-free management

    • Direct communication to employees/contracted raisers on what is going good as well as areas of improvement

    • Forage management including pulling samples for further testing

    • Pen management

    • Selling and restocking of livestock

    • Future planning – growth opportunities & improvement strategies

    • Operation expansion – link to find new facilities and new custom raisers 

    • Communication link between your nutritionist and your farm

You and your farm deserve this support network. This service is our passion and joy.

To discover the difference that AgVenture and their deep team of resources will do for you, please call us at 320-764-9910 or email us at We will perform a no-obligations assessment of your farm operations. Discover what the team and the AgVenture difference can do for you and your farm.

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